Joey Boesch is a composer, pianist and vocalist extraordinaire who excites, delights, thrills and connects with his audience. He brings years of experience, touching his adoring audience with a wide array of musical presentations. Joey both writes his own music and arranges music already composed and presents it in a wonderfully expressive manner.

Shortly after birth, it was discovered that Joey had lost his eyesight due to complications from too much oxygen. However, this has not slowed him down with the creative gift of music he so generously gives to the world. At the early age of seven, various newspapers referred to Joey as a musical genius and a child prodigy.

Joey has a special kind of sight; he sees from believing that God has blessed him and he strives to return this special gift.

Joey has a quality of feeling in his voice and a style in his music that resonates deep within the hearts and souls of his listeners. He has performed before persons of power and privilege, and also celebrities such as Carmen Cavallaro, (then Governor of Texas) George W. Bush, Bob Hope and Burt Bacharach. Also, Joey opened for Paul Anka at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Houston, Texas on October 26, 2002. Numerous charity organizations rely on Joey to provide their entertainment year after year. His music is for all ages including classical to pop classics. Joey has released two CD's, "Hear It and Believe It" and "Many Moods of Joey Boesch", both reflect Joey's passion for music and speak eloquently from the heart.

Valerie Boesch
Personal Manager